Vibration Therapy

Vibrating Deep Tissue Massage

High frequency vibration activates sensory receptors in muscles which activate the neurological system--helping it to relax the tissue. This helps shorten recovery periods, improve strength, and promote faster healing.


Too much vibration causes tissue damage. Too little and there is no restorative benefit. The Meteor operates at the specific frequencies found to promote recovery, stimulate sensory receptors, and activate receptors in muscle tissue without causing trauma.

Application of the Meteor can reduce pain in up to 70% of acute pain sufferers.

The Meteor has 3 levels of scientifically backed, therapeutic vibration settings, optimized for treating chronic pain and reducing muscle stiffness that are unlike any other massage devices.

At MyoStorm we want to make sure that our products are actually helping you recover. We are confident that you will love the Meteor, however, because every body responds differently to different types of therapy, there is a small possibility that the Meteor just won’t be the right fit. If that is the case we are happy to refund the Meteor at full cost within 30 days.