Heat therapy

Heating Therapy

The application of heat to the body increases blood flow, delivering nutrients to muscle and other tissues while removing harmful compounds produced by strenuous or repetitive activity.


Heat from the Meteor applied directly to sore, stiff, or painful areas increases blood flow and relaxes muscles. With improved blood flow come vital nutrients that rebuild damaged muscle, decrease chronic inflammation, and optimize the body's natural healing process. 

Once these critical elements are delivered to the treated area, blood that flows back towards the heart, carries away harmful substances that muscles produce as a result of both physical and emotional stress. (This can include discomfort from sitting or standing all day).

Just one 30 second application of The Meteor can reduce muscle soreness and stiffness by up to 50%.

At MyoStorm we want to make sure that our products are actually helping you recover. We are confident that you will love the Meteor, however, because every body responds differently to different types of therapy, there is a small possibility that the Meteor just won’t be the right fit. If that is the case we are happy to refund the Meteor at full cost within 30 days.