About Us 2020

About Us

MyoStorm, not just a massager

The world of muscular recovery and pain management is quickly becoming saturated with hundreds of products, including massage balls, vibrating foam rollers, heat wraps, ice packs, percussion massage guns, and supplements. Many of these products are based on outdated technology.  This market saturation creates an uphill battle for you, the consumer, to find the right product for your needs.

At MyoStorm, our goal is to provide you with products that are new and innovative and proven to be effective.  Our passion for the industry, combined with decades of cumulative experience in engineering and exercise physiology, makes us capable of providing products that can be trusted to perform. 

The Meteor blazes into being

MyoStorm’s first product, the Meteor, launched on Kickstarter surpassing our goal and reaching 327% of the required funding. The Meteor is a vibrating, self-heating massage therapy ball. It is designed to facilitate muscular recovery, increase flexibility, and help reduce chronic pain. The Meteor is simple, effective, and extremely versatile.

The market adoption of the Meteor has allowed us to further our research and work on additional products to combat chronic pain and mitigate muscular recovery.

Data-driven performance

The Meteor was designed based on groundbreaking research conducted by our co-founder, Jonothan DiPeri, in conjunction with our scientific advisory board. 

By utilizing the expertise of our board—consisting of Brent Feland (Ph.D. in Exercise Science) and Jonathan Blotter (Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering)—we were able to understand how vibration and heat affect the human body. We were able to encapsulate that research into a portable device that has generated powerful results. 

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Our commitment to the community

According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, more than 1.5 billion people around the world suffer from chronic pain. In America, chronic pain is the leading cause of long-term disability, and it affects about 100 million Americans. These stats are staggering. 

MyoStorm has the vision to become a world leader in muscular recovery. It is our mission to enable people to play their best, feel their best, and live life to their fullest potential. We’ve assembled the right team, and are committed to putting a stop to chronic pain. We want to help everyone from the serious athlete to the everyday person who suffers from daily discomfort.

Our future

The MyoStorm team is currently performing research and developing technologies that will continue to dramatically change the industries of muscular recovery and chronic pain management.  We will continue to create ground-breaking products that will help you perform better, feel great, and find relief from all types of pain. 

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