A team committed to crushing pain

The MyoStorm team is composed of four parts: professional athletes, engineers, doctors & physical recovery specialists, and you—the user. Together we work to create and improve our products to bring you the rapid recovery and chronic pain relief you’re seeking. We’re committed to our mission to help you play, feel, and live life to its fullest.

Picture of Jonothan Diperi

Jonothan Diperi

CEO/Founder, B.S. Mechanical Engineering

“As the founder of MyoStorm, it’s my sole aim to help bring healing and recovery to the masses in an affordable and approachable way. We’re not about creating “band-aid” solutions for pain—we want to strike at its core and create true healing for the millions of individuals who are suffering on a daily basis.”

Picture of Jared Ward

Jared Ward

Co-Founder & 2016 Rio Olympic Marathoner, MSc Statistics

"I believe the Meteor has the ability to change the way the world recovers. Foam rollers and traditional massage balls simply cannot compete."

Picture of Shaquille Walker

Shaquille Walker

Co-Founder & Road 800m World Record Holder, B.S. Exercise Science

"I helped found MyoStorm because I believed that there needed to be a better way to recover from the pain and physical exercise. The Meteor provides that better way."

Picture of Bailey Carlson

Bailey Carlson

Business Development, MBA, B.S. Exercise Science & 2x NCWA All-American Wrestler

"I have a passion for understanding the physiology of the body and it’s recovery processes. MyoStorm’s mission to provide heavily researched, high quality, effective products is in line with my values and I have loved being a part of it." 

Picture of Chris Huntington

Chris Huntington

COO, B.S. Supply Chain Management

"I am passionate about building brands and developing products that create long term irrational loyalty from customers"

Research Board

Picture of Dr. Brent Feland

Dr. Brent Feland 

Ph.D. in Exercise Science, Physical Therapist & Research Consultant

Dr. Feland is a professor of exercise science and teaches advanced functional anatomy, pathomechanics, orthopedic impairments, and functional neuroanatomy. He is also a licensed Physical Therapist and has developed an expertise through his research on how vibration effects the human body in regards to pain, and human performance.

Picture of Dr. Jonathan Blotter

Dr. Jonathan Blotter

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Co-founder  MyoStorm board member

As a professor of mechanical engineering for over 20 years, Dr. Blotter has obtained over $5 million in funding in vibration research, and has over 100 publications in structural vibration. His focus is understanding the mechanisms that rebuild muscle tissue and how vibration can be used to enhance the recovery process.