The Meteor

Meteor 2.1

Designed for adaptability.

The benefits of a deep tissue massage in the palm of your hand.

Graphic stating that the meteor naturally accelerates muscle recovery.
Graphic stating that vibration and heat effectively relieve muscle pain.
Graphic stating that the meteor helps relax tight, painful, or sore muscles.

Professional athletes that love the Meteor

Image of Jared Ward in the 2016 Olympics

Jared Ward

2016 Olympian Marathon Runner

Image of Shaquille Walker Running for Team USA

Shaquille Walker

Road 800m World Record Holder & MyoStorm Co-Founder

image of Leon McCall InIFBB Men's Physique pro

Leon McCall

IFBB Men's Physique Pro

Image of Jenna Burkert wrestling at 2019 pan american games

Jenna Burkert

2019 Pan American Games 

Silver Medalist

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