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Feeling sore? It's time to put a stop to pain.


Meteor 2.0

Designed by engineers and athletes, the Meteor is the most effective recovery tool to increase athletic performance and maximize your workouts.


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How the Meteor works

Deliberate Levels of Therapeutic Vibration 

Optimized for treating chronic pain and reducing muscle stiffness. The Meteor sends specific vibrations that help interfere with pain transmission and allow the muscle to relax.

Intense Heat

Speeds your body's natural healing process by penetrating your skin and increasing the flow of blood bringing vital nutrients to your soft tissue. 

Precision Size

Allows the Meteor to target specific muscles that are neglected when using traditional roll out techniques.

Trigger point therapy massage ball.

Pain relief, pre-workout, post-workout, and soothing massage. Use the Meteor wherever and whenever you need.

How does the Meteor compare to other recovery devices?

The World's most versatile recovery tool and trigger point therapy ball.

Professional Athletes that Love the Meteor


  • Help Decrease Pain & Soreness

  • Improve Flexibility & Reduce Stiffness

  • Improve Blood flow 

  • Relax & Release Tender Spots & Trigger Points

  • Accelerate Muscle Recovery

  • Improve Athletic Performance

  • Support Tendon & Joint Health
  • Feels Great!

What's included

  • Class 1 FDA Medical device 

  • Lithium Polymer battery = 90 minutes of continued use with max settings

  • USB-C charging connection

  • 4” diameter textured silicon rubber surface

  • Three therapeutic vibration settings

  • One therapeutic heat setting at 120 F in 10 minutes

  • Lightweight 1.5 lbs (.68kg) allows for easy transportation

  • TSA travel approved

  • Outer shell can take over 300 lbs of weight

Technical specifications

  • Meteor 2.0

  • USB-C charging cord with power adapter

  • Quick start guide

  • Instruction manual

Meteor FAQs

How long should I use the Meteor at one time?

The Meteor can be used for as short or as long as you’d like! (It will shut off automatically after 30 minutes of continued use). The Meteor can be used regularly as part of your exercise routine and in cases of muscle and soft tissue pain.

How does the Meteor work?

The Meteor uses heat and vibration to combat pain and muscle stiffness by increasing blood flow and activating your nervous system.

What is the Meteor’s battery life?

The Meteor can last for 6+ hours on its Vibration setting.With the Heat it runs for a full hour and a half.The Meteor takes 4.5 hours to charge fully.

How is the Meteor different from other recovery products (e.g. massage guns and other vibrating rollers)?

Unlike other recovery products, the Meteor utilizes BOTH heat and vibration to optimize recovery. The frequencies and amplitudes of vibration that the Meteor utilizes have been heavily researched by our team and specifically engineered to be therapeutic to your body.

What parts of my body can I use the Meteor on?

The Meteor can be used on most muscle groups such as your legs, back, and arms.When using the Meteor you’ll want to avoid sensitive areas such as the face, head, groin, and use care around bony areas like the elbow, kneecap, and middle of the spine.

How do I clean the Meteor? Is it waterproof?

To clean the Meteor simply wipe it down with a disinfectant wipe. Do NOT submerge in liquid.