The Science Behind the Meteor

How is the Meteor’s vibration special?

Why do you use heat and not cold?

Therapeutic Heat

With temperatures up to 120 F The Meteor’s the only self-heating massage ball that reaches therapeutic levels of heat! 

Through the therapeutic self-heating, The Meteor improves blood circulation leading to faster recovery and reduction in pain. This process replenishes your body’s depleted nutrients after workouts. 

Image of the Meteor with flames to symbolize Therapeutic Heat

Soothing Vibration

The Meteor utilizes MyoStorm’s Ultrasoothe vibration technology that has multiple levels of scientifically-backed, therapeutic vibration optimized for treating chronic pain and reducing muscle stiffness. 

It’s perfect for stiff muscles, knots, soreness after workouts, and is perfectly calibrated for everyday aches and pains and even the most tender spots. 

The soothing vibration gives your muscles a deep massage that's more effective at pain relief and muscle recovery than anything on the market.  

The vibration also increases blood flow, enhancing and accelerating the effects of heat maximizing it's effectiveness.  

The Meteor decreases muscle stiffness by 50% after only 30 seconds of use, reducing recovery times drastically.

Image of the meteor vibrating

Ideal Size For Trigger Point Release

What makes The Meteor the ultimate tool in recovery is the ability to hit trigger points and target any sore or tender spots like the neck, back, hamstrings, calves, quads, arms and everything in between.

It’s TSA approved! And its compact size and rechargeable battery make it easy to take anywhere on the go.

collage of picture of different pain points on the human body that the meteor can help with.

How the Meteor Came to Be

The METEOR was designed based on ground-breaking research conducted by our co-founder Jonothan DiPeri in conjunction with our scientific advisory board. 

By utilizing the expertise of this board consisting of Brent Feland (PhD in Exercise Science) along with Jonathan Blotter (PhD in Mechanical Engineering), we were able to understand how vibration and heat affect the human body and how to get those results into one portable device.





If you have any questions about the Meteor, vibration, heat or anything else about the science do not hesitate to reach out! You can email us at