Why Do Athletes Use Heat Post-Workout?

Why Do Athletes Use Heat Post-Workout?

After a grueling and tough workout, you are filled with positive feelings from the endorphins that have been released throughout your body. More often than not, those feelings are later replaced with the inability to walk the next day due to tight hamstrings after doing heavy squats or your shoulders are too sore for you to hit your free throws when playing pick-up ball with your buddies.


Heat treatment promotes blood flow and helps sore and tightened muscles relax. The improved blood circulation helps eliminate the buildup of lactic acid that occurs after exercise, which adds to the soreness felt after a workout.


While you are working out, blood rushes to your muscles, carrying necessary oxygen and the needed energy to complete the physical workout. After doing bicep curls at the gym, or squat exercises at home, those muscles having been worked are inflamed and have little micro-tears in the muscle fibers. The rebuilding process of those fibers is what will make the muscle stronger in the end.



Because of those micro-tears, it is extremely important to not only provide those muscle fibers with proper nutrition, but to aid their recovery by promoting blood flow to help flush out the lactic acid and waste. Your muscles will be able to recover properly by being relaxed. Heat plays an essential role in stimulating blood flow and increasing elasticity of your muscles in your body. Another added benefit from heat is that it can stop muscle spasms and relax muscles that feel too tight. Heat will relax the muscles and reduce the pain.


“After playing football and constantly working out for many years without properly recovering and stretching, my muscles have grown particularly tight, especially my hip flexors and hamstrings. While stretching, I regularly experience muscle spasms along my iliotibial band (IT band) and hip flexors, causing extreme and intense pain. Since using the Meteor with the combined heat and vibrational benefits, the spasms have been reduced dramatically and my legs have never felt better,” says a Brigham Young University student who had the opportunity to test not only the finished product but also the original prototype in its earliest stages of development.


Heat plays an essential role in supplementing and promoting muscle recovery. By using proper heat treatment, you will have increased blood flow and more relaxed muscles, including an elimination of lactic acid that leads to sore muscle tissues.



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