What is Fascia?

What is Fascia?

MyoStorm’s ‘The Meteor’ has been supported and proven by extensive scientific research to effectively release fascial tension. For those that suffer chronic pain or exercise regularly, such a trait can be life-changing. In order to completely grasp the importance of fascial tension relief, one needs to first understand what fascia is and the purpose it serves. Fascia, simply put, is connective tissue. It is found all over the body and serves many purposes. There is superficial fascia that is thin and just below the skin as well as deep fascia. It can be thought of as a thin sheath, just under our skin, that extends throughout the entire body, serving as a protective layer over the muscles and organs. Though it serves as a sheath, the fascia is incredibly complex and 3 dimensional. It is a sort of living spiderweb that communicates and moves in the body. Along with protection, one of fascia’s primary purpose is to aid in daily, functional activities. When one participates in tasks as menial as walking, lifting a box or climbing stairs, fascia is working to allow such movements to easily be performed as it permits the muscles and bones to smoothly move against each other.

Fascia, just like other parts of the body such as muscle or skin, reacts to stresses placed upon it. The entire fascial network is connected and contracts as well as relaxes in response to our activities. When fascia is healthy, it is well hydrated. This allows it to move and glide in its complex, 3-dimensional pattern. Stimulating fascia with exercise, stretching, or a massage ball helps the fascia to rehydrate itself the same way squeezing a sponge helps it to fill up with water.



While fascia is absolutely vital and fundamental, it also may be the reason one is experiencing significant pain or discomfort in certain areas of the body. Due to the fact that fascia is a continuous connective network that extends throughout the entire body, discomfort in one muscle of the body can cause pain in another.



For over 4 years, I’ve struggled with continuing and worsening shoulder pain. As time has passed this shoulder pain has spread to my elbow, causing simple activities such as sleeping on my right side or throwing a football to be extremely uncomfortable. Over the past couple of months, this pain has become nearly unbearable and surgery was seeming to be a likely option. Thank goodness for the Meteor. I was lucky enough to be able to use this product with consistency, hoping the vibration and heat that the Meteor provides could grant some relief. In the matter of a couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a considerable difference in my ability to participate in activities that, before, would’ve been a burden. The Meteor helps release the stress that we often put on our fascia which can lead to an increase in performance and flexibility. If you struggle with a constant, nagging pain, the Meteor is the product you need to recover as quickly as possible.


Nick Stensrud


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