The Meteor (Pre-Order)
The Meteor (Pre-Order)
The Meteor (Pre-Order)
The Meteor (Pre-Order)

The Meteor (Pre-Order)

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Sports and fitness recovery innovation has arrived. MyoStorm is pleased to present our first product: The Meteor. It is a patent pending massage device that combines trigger point massage, therapeutic vibration, and heating therapy in one easy to use device. We call it The Meteor.


What makes the METEOR unique?

  • Three varying levels of vibration based on ground-breaking research and designed to bring you maximal muscular pain relief 
  • Outer surface that heats up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit to help increase blood circulation and muscular flexibility 
  • Small 3.9 inch diameter which allows targeting and releasing of specific muscles that would be unreachable with a larger ball



  • Engineered with scientifically backed vibration frequencies 
  • Powerful motor with therapeutic amplitudes 
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer batteries gives up to 90 minutes of use on a single charge 
  • Offers 3 vibration settings and 2 heat settings 

NOTE: This is for pre-order. Delivery is expected in December 2018.