Vibration: The Science Behind Muscle Recovery

Vibration: The Science Behind Muscle Recovery

What sets The Meteor apart from competitors is that it combines both heat and vibration into one recovery ball.  This maximizes myofascial release and gives your muscles the recovery they need. The product has been tested by athletes who have given testimonials that it is the best recovery product on the market. One of the crucial recovery properties is vibration.


Vibration causes all the little somatosensory receptors within the skin and muscle to be activated, which in turn affects the neurological system helping it to relax (Dr. Brent Feeland).  The Meteor will provide you with a localized vibration that will cause your muscles to contract and relax. With just a 30 second application of vibration, muscle stiffness can be reduced by 50%.  World class athletes such as Olympian runners Jared Ward and Drew Windle, and body builder Leon McCall have endorsed the product and see the potential for The Meteor to completely take over the recovery market.

Vibration as a means of muscle recovery is not something that is new.  The practice of vibration began over 50 years ago and has since been simplified after further research and developments.  Research has shown that vibration provides many benefits for muscle recovery. Some benefits include increased flexibility and strength, as well as reduced soreness after a workout.  It has also been found that passive vibration reduces pain in 70% of patients suffering from both acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain (Lundeberg, 1984).


Vibration is typically measured by its frequency in units called Hertz (Hz.).  The ideal frequency for muscle recovery would be to expose the muscle to a frequency of 30-50 Hz.  This means that the targeted muscle would receive 30 – 50 cycles of vibration per second which would force the muscle to contract and relax 30 – 50 times in the same period.  The Meteor provides this optimal frequency of vibration vibrating between 30-90 Hz.



The Meteor is a scientifically backed product that is designed to provide relief from soreness to those who are working to better themselves physically.  If you want to get stronger, be more flexible, or reduce soreness after your strenuous workouts, recovery is an essential part of the process.  The Meteor effectively combines heat and vibration into the ultimate massage recovery ball. Try it and discover what the combination of heat and vibration does for your recovery program.


John Hunter


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