About Us



MyoStorm began with a vision; to become the world leaders in muscular recovery.

MyoStorm has a team of brilliant minds with backgrounds in athletics, exercise science, physical therapy and engineering, all working diligently to bring the greatest in innovation and research to the world of muscular recovery and chronic pain management. Check out our team here.

MyoStorm began business in 2018 with our flagship product, The Meteor, that was designed to be the most effective and versatile recovery tool on the market.  Combining the elements of powerful, therapeutic vibration and heat into a  versatile massage ball was not only a challenging engineering achievement, but a game-changer for athletes and active people everywhere. The Meteor has been adopted and used by several professional athletes and collegiate training rooms as their recovery tool of choice.


It is our mission to enable people to play their best, feel their best, and live life to their fullest potential.


What makes MyoStorm unique?

The world of muscular recovery and pain management is quickly being saturated with hundreds of products, including massage balls, vibrating foam rollers, heat wraps, ice packs, percussion massage guns and supplements, many of which are knock offs of technologies that have been used for years.  It can be easy to get confused about what products are actually effective, which are gimmicks, and which are just cheap knock off's. 


At MyoStorm, our goal is to provide only products that are new and innovative, proven to be effective, and that can't be easily imitated.  We believe that our passion for the industry combined with the decades of experience our team has in the fields of engineering and exercise physiology make us capable of always providing products that can be trusted to perform. 


Our team is also passionate about sharing our knowledge and providing value to the community in more ways than just our product. Our blog is a useful place to find information on many questions related to muscular recovery and pain management.  You can find our blog here, and please subscribe to our email list and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date on all of our new blogs and research.


Our Future

The MyoStorm team is currently performing research and developing technologies that will continue to dramatically change the industries of muscular recovery and chronic pain management.  It is our hope to continue to create ground-breaking products that will help other's perform better, feel great, and find relief from all types of pain.