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Our team evaluates if you are a good fit to represent our brand.


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get rewards
Get cash, merch, and other rewards. The more you share, the more you get rewarded.

Brand Ambassador Requirements

    • Myostorm Ambassadors strive to represent the Myostorm core beliefs including integrity, innovation, and helpfulness.

    • They are involved with or strongly believe in fitness, recovery, or pain relief. Your personal brand should reflect one or more of these areas.

    • Myostorm Ambassadors are regularly involved in social media, local events, and being active. Though there's no social following requirement, as an Ambassador, you will be expected to regularly post content and strive to build your following.

  • They are committed to speaking about Myostorm products in their lives when the opportunity presents itself. Share the Meteor and other products to those who may benefit, either via social or in person.

Brand Ambassador Benefits

    • Up to 10% commissions on all sales referred by you. These can be via social media, in person, or by other means. All sales made from sources referred by you count toward your commissions for 30 days.

    • Discounted Myostorm products for you and your family.

    • Early access to new Myostorm products for testing purposes.

    • Free swag and Myostorm merch.