Our Team

A team committed to crushing pain

The MyoStorm team is composed of four parts: professional athletes, engineers, doctors & physical recovery specialists, and you—the user. Together we work to create and improve our products to bring you the rapid recovery and chronic pain healing you’re seeking. We’re committed to our mission to help you play, feel, and live life to its fullest.

Professional Athletes

Jared Ward - 2016 Rio Olympic Marathon 6th place

"I believe the Meteor has the ability to change the way the world recovers.  Foam rollers and traditional massage balls simply cannot compete."

Drew Windle - 2018 800m World Silver Medalist

"The Meteor brings innovation to recovery that has been long needed for athletes at any level."

Leon McCall - IFBB Men's Physique Pro

"Hands down the best recovery device I have ever tried.  It's crazy! Everyone who uses it is going to love it."

Shaquille Walker - Road 800m World Record Holder & MyoStorm Co-Founder

"I joined MyoStorm because I believed that there needed to be a better way to recover from the pain and physical exercise. The Meteor provides that better way."

Engineers & Product Developers

Jonothan DiPeri - Mechanical Engineer & Founder

“As the founder of MyoStorm, it’s my sole aim to help bring healing and recovery to the masses in an affordable and approachable way. We’re not about creating “band-aid” solutions for pain—we want to strike at its core and create true healing for the millions of individuals who are suffering on a daily basis.”

Jonathan Blotter - Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering & MyoStorm Board member

Doctors & Physical Recovery Specialists

Brent Feland - Ph.D. in Exercise Science & MyoStorm Board member

MyoStorm User Community

Hundreds of users have experienced life-changing results from MyoStorm products. We are continually working with users to improve the overall user experience and results from our products. Help us in these efforts by joining the MyoStorm Makers group and by reviewing your MyoStorm product(s) wherever you purchased them. To be part of the Makers group, simply sign up for our newsletter below.