The Meteor Mini and 3 brand new accessories!

Decrease Muscle Stiffness By 50% After 30 Seconds Of Use

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The Meteor MINI decreases muscle stiffness by 50% after only 30 seconds of use, reducing recovery times drastically.

The 3 in 1 Recovery Roller effectively stretches and warms up larger muscle groups or more tender areas of the body. It's a premium foam roller, spinal stretch, and you can pair it with either the Meteor Mini or Meteor to create a vibrating foam roller.

The Recovery Mat was engineered with two layers to maximize your recovery session. The firm top layer helps preserve the therapeutic vibration while the softer bottom layer helps dampen and cancel excess noise. A great foundation for any recovery, exercise, or even yoga.

The Massage and Stretch Strap was designed to help you get those hard-to-reach areas like the neck and back. This Strap will help you pair both stretching with soothing vibration to optimize your recovery. Comes with an interchangeable pouch for both the Mini and Meteor 2.1.

Bundle MSRP: $363
Discounted KS price: $255