The Meteor 2.0

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Muscle recovery and pain relief in the palm of your hand.

FDA cleared therapeutic vibration combined with soothing heat help you to feel your best.

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  • Naturally accelerates muscle recovery

  • Vibration + heat effectively relieve muscle pain

  • Helps relax tight, painful, or sore muscles

How the Meteor works.

The use of vibration stimulates the mechanoreceptors and free nerve endings in the skin, muscle, and joint structures. These signals help interfere with pain transmission, producing inhibitory effects which allow the muscle to relax. Unlike stretching and other forms of therapy, The Meteor’s vibration does not compromise strength or power in exchange for relief. The vibration also increases blood flow, complementing the effects of heat.

The Meteor has 3 levels of scientifically backed, therapeutic vibration settings, optimized for treating chronic pain and reducing muscle stiffness that are unlike any other massage devices.

What's included.

  • Meteor 2.0

  • USB-C charging cord with power adapter

  • Quick start guide

  • Instruction manual

Technical specifications.

  • Class 1 FDA Medical device #3011569703

  • Lithium Polymer battery 90 minutes of continued use with max settings

  • USB-C charging connection 1.5 lb

  • 4” diameter textured silicon rubber surface

  • Three therapeutic vibration settings

  • One therapeutic heat setting at 120 F

  • Lightweight 1.5 lbs (.68kg) allows for easy transportation

  • TSA travel approved

  • Outer shell can take over 300 lbs of weight

Trigger point therapy.

Pain relief, pre-workout, post-workout, and soothing massage. Use the Meteor wherever and whenever you need.

How does the Meteor compare to other recovery devices?

The world's most versatile recovery tool yet.

Meteor Reviews.

Real stories. Real relief.

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