stabbing Pain on the bottom of your heel or arch of your foot?

Does it hurt to walk or run?

Its probably plantar fasciitis

Find Rapid Relief With The Meteor

Ultrasoothe Vibration Technology 

120-Minute Total Battery Life

Ideal Size & TSA Approved

Heats up to 120° F

Four Vibration Levels


The Meteor Helps Relieve Foot Pain

A self-heating, vibrating, massage therapy ball designed to relax, massage, and target Plantar Fasciitis more effectively then any other product on the market. 

Countless individuals have found amazing relief from their Plantar Fasciitis and other muscle pain using the METEOR. 

Ideal Relief For Shooting, Stabbing, Burning & Tingling Foot Pain.

MyoStorm’s Ultra-Soothe Technology vibration offers 4 levels of specialized intensity. These specially calibrated levels of vibration help promote improved blood flow and provide the right setting for your tender feet.

The Meteor also quickly heats up to provide hot therapy and delivers 120F which helps improve blood circulation and soothes aching muscles in feet to promote recovery. 

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Many have found amazing relief from their Plantar Fasciitis using the METEOR. 

Satisfaction Guarantee 

At MyoStorm we want to make sure that our products are actually helping you recover. We are confident that you will love the Meteor, however if you don't, we will refund the Meteor at full cost within 30 days of purchase.

Designed By Athletes, Engineers & Doctors

- Proven By Science -

When there is too much load on your arch during activity, your body creates a build-up of painful scar tissue. 

The Meteor delivers a professional-grade massage combined with heat therapy that boosts circulation and breaks up scar tissue - aligning your muscles and tendons, relaxing your arch into a normal posture, and relieving pain.

Built With Versatility At It's Core

The Meteor Quickly Helps relieve stress on your arch, repairs damaged tissue and rebuilds strength

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Meteor Mini
  • 1 Meteor Mini

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • 30 Day Guarantee
Sale Off
  • 1 Meteor

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • 30 Day Guarantee
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