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Foam Roller vs. Massage Therapy Ball

Chances are, if you visit your local gym, you’ll see at least one or two people using the foam rollers. For most people who are sincere in seeking the best muscle recovery method, foam rollers are a post-leg day go-to. But what if there was something better than a foam roller for muscle recovery?

(Hint: There is).

The truth is that while foam rollers are good for muscle recovery, they are not great. There are better options out there for achieving optimal recovery. It turns out that massage ball therapy is far more effective at breaking up fascial adhesions and generating blood flow while getting into the important nooks and crannies of your muscles.

The simple reason why massage balls trump foam rollers is their ability to apply a greater amount of pressure to your aching muscles, providing you with a deeper massage. It takes a little longer than a foam roller, but is clearly the better option for targeting specific areas of your body in need of the greatest attention. They are also more portable, which means you can take it to your workouts wherever you go and can make sure you never miss recovery ever again.


Massage balls can, in general, target more areas of the body beyond the legs. They can target areas such as the upper back, neck, chest, lower back, plantar fascia (bottom of your foot), groin, and more. This clearly provides more utility than foam rollers by going beyond the easy to reach parts of the body to the vital areas that typically lack a method of recovery.


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Eric Fallon