Foam Roller vs. Massage Therapy Ball

Foam Roller vs. Massage Therapy Ball

Close your eyes and imagine you're walk into your local gym. Take one quick lap around and you’ll see at least one or two people using foam rollers to roll out and stretch out their muscles. For most people who are sincere in seeking out the best methods for muscular recovery, foam rollers are a staple. But what if there was something better than a foam roller for muscle recovery?

(Hint: There is).

The truth is that while foam rollers are a good option for muscle recovery, they are not the gold standard. There are better options out there for reaching optimal recovery. One form of therapy that is more effective is with the use of massage balls, or spherical devices used in much the same way as a foam roller. Not only are they not as bulky, but they are more effective at breaking up fascial adhesions and promoting an increase in blood flow while providing access and angles to your muscles that foam rollers just aren't capable of.

The simple reason why massage balls trump foam rollers is their ability to apply a greater amount of pressure to your aching muscles, providing you with a deeper massage. Just as it takes longer to paint with a fine tip brush than a paint roller, a massage ball won't cover your whole muscle in the same time, the same way a work of art isn't fashioned with large sweeps, the care that your body needs comes in masterful touches. The human body has long been viewed as a work of art and deserves to be treated as such.


Massage balls can target areas of the body beyond just the legs. They can be used to relieve pain and tension on the upper back, neck, chest, lower back, plantar fascia (bottom of your foot), groin, and more. Because of the size and shape of massage balls they are easy and convenient to carry as well as to use. The optimal size and shape clearly provide more utility than foam rollers by giving you access, not only to the easy to reach muscle groups, but to the smaller, vital areas that typically get overlooked by the bulky foam rollers.

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Eric Fallon

Revised by Bailey Carlson (24 May 2019)



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